Alexandra Diez de Rivera is a Spanish- Argentine visual artist based in London working with photography.

Her portrait work has been included in publications such as Vanity Fair, FT Magazine, Shanghai Daily, and Le Point and she is represented in private and public collections in the UK, China, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece and UAE.

Diez de Rivera has been pushing the boundaries of digital photography with her theatrical tableaux and staged portraits in The Alternative Portrait Project and is currently studying at the Royal College of Art, revisiting early photographic techniques and working at the intersection between photography, sculpture and performance.

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Privately commissioned family and group portraits of real people playing out their real lives, with a little imagination thrown in.

Ongoing series, by commission, since 2008.


Portraits of children in the style of Old Master paintings. The somber and emotionless expressions of children do not alarm us in renaissance paintings but meeting their gaze in a contemporary photograph is quite different and unsettling.

Ongoing series, by commission, since 2012.


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